A. Financial

  • Control, maintain and monitor established budgeted food & beverage cost, labour cost, utilities and all other cost indirectly related to kitchen
  • Control, maintain and monitor the daily waste of the kitchen (1.5%-2%) as well as plastic consumption
  • Maintain COGS for all food to meet each outlet P&L target
  • Controlling stock card movements on daily basis to make sure end updated monthly inventory

B. Food safety & planning

  • Supervise monthly Asset Inventory Audit from Yummy outlet – in hand with YummyCater Finance Team
  • Enforce sanitary practices for food handling, general cleanliness, and maintenance of all food facilities; In compliance with operation standards from each YummyCater outlet and Yummycorp
  • Supervise in the cleanliness of all kitchen equipment; chiller, freezer, stove, wok burner, deep fryer, rice cooker, microwave oven, etc are cleaned regularly and in good condition. Make sure to enforce to kitchen outlet leader & FB Manager
  • Ensure GMP audit score with a minimum of 80% by focusing on cleanliness, FIFO, FEFO, labelling, spoilage, storage, and hygiene standards
  • Ensure all outlet maintain required food handling and sanitation certifications (HACCP)
  • Update proper grooming and hygiene standards for all staffs as well as wearing proper sanitary equipment
  • Establish, implement and control all checklists and inventory
  • Follow proper handling and right temperature of all food and beverage products
  • Maintain quality levels of receiving, storage, production and presentation of food and beverage
  • Monitor supply chain process and delivery schedule of supplies with CK and vendors

C. Operational Responsibilities

  • Supervise, control and advice all YummyCater outlet
  • Audit kitchen weekly Opening and Closing checklist
  • Conduct monthly menu knowledge training & refreshment menu training for consistency
  • Build New Cycle Menu for 2 months period which focus emphasize on varieties and maintaining a healthy monthly COGS
  • Create Master Menu which include recipe, cooking method, cooking time for all a la carte menus in Restaurant. Master Menu must be documented and be accessible to all kitchen staffs & corporate office
  • Display exceptional leadership by providing a positive work environment, counselling employees and demonstrate a dedicated and professional approach to management
  • Ensure that proper security procedures are in place to protect employees, customers and company assets as per YummyCater outlet compliances
  • Supervise a safe kitchen working to reduce the risk of injury and accidents. Establish a Complete accident reports promptly in the event a customer or employee is injured
  • Maintains Health Protocol is compliance and implemented to the staffs and guests
  • Ensure all equipment is properly maintained and in working order in accordance with health and safety regulations
  • Monitor outlet food preparation to ensure taste consistency and make adjustments if necessary
  • In charge in creating a timeline to ensure Inventory by observing outlet trend and calendar year and coordinating with purchasing
  • Schedule & Supervise outlet kitchen leader and advice management on monthly food routine
  • Make sure menu availability for client’s special occasion is fulfilled accordingly
  • Lead & organize Menu and kitchen equipment all banquet events menu held in YummyCater outlets
  • Provide guidance and direction to outlet kitchen leader including setting and monitoring performance standards
  • Supervise outlet leader in terms of Kitchen Inventory, products, work flow, checklist and cleanliness

Qualification :

  • Candidate must possess at least Diploma in Food Production or equivalent from reputable university
  • At least 7 Year(s) of working experience in the related position is required for this position
  • Having knowledge about Food Safety, Food Preparation, Health & Safety Management and Cooking Skills
  • Having good leadership and communication skills