About the Marketing Strategist position

We are looking for an experienced Marketing strategist to be the head of our Marketing department. The Marketing Strategist is responsible for setting specific objectives to develop our company’s marketing strategy. Keeping that strategy cohesive and profitable is the role of the Marketing Strategist.

Our Marketing strategist position encapsulates a variety of tasks, including designing digital marketing campaigns and performing market research. Creative, goal-oriented professionals in the marketing field would be great fits for this position.

Increasing market share and ensuring brand consistency are the goals of our Marketing Strategist.

Marketing Strategist responsibilities are:

  • Set specific marketing goals

  • Design and implement unique marketing strategies that are aligned with our business targets and corporate goals.

  • Increase web traffic through the development of digital campaigns

  • Analyze sales and marketing metrics

  • Forecast market trends, and research opportunities

  • Produce contemporary ideas to promote our brand and our products

  • Address needs in advertising

  • Solidify consistency of brand through all marketing channels

  • Ensure client satisfaction through the utilization of customer feedback

  • Communicate and collaborate with internal teams in the interest of all-around brand consistency.

  • Establish a strong web presence that is projected to be long term.

Marketing Strategist requirements are:

  • Proven work experience as a Marketing strategist or Marketing manager

  • Direct experience with marketing campaigns and web technologies, including online tools and social media

  • Cogent knowledge of CRM software and Content Management Systems

  • Familiarity with SEO/SEM and Google Analytics

  • Understanding of web design

  • Outstanding skills in the following areas:

    • Team management

    • Communication

    • Analytics

    • Writing

  • BSc degree in Marketing or relevant field